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About Us

Building the Foundations of Tomorrow, Today

BMAC Corporation is a property development and advisory firm specializing in the development of world-class properties in holiday markets in  Lebanon.

Our firm provides financing, investment and development solutions for both individual and institutional investors as well as visionary development partners.

Award Winning
Established Team

BMAC Corporation


With the extensive experience and expertise of our team, combined with our proficiency in modern communication tools and IT marketing, we assist our clients in swiftly and economically transacting real estate, whether they are buying, selling, renting, or leasing.

For those interested in investment, we offer income optimization opportunities.

Our goal is to facilitate the realization of our clients’ projects, supporting them at every stage, all within an environment built on trust and respect.

BMAC Corporation


Integrity and Openness

Recognizing the significance of the matters and obstacles within the real estate industry, our fundamental commitment is to uphold integrity, respect, and transparency in our interactions with clients and all involved parties.

These values are fundamental in forging enduring partnerships and ensuring customer contentment.


Our team consists of professionals with legal expertise, extensive experience in real estate, a profound grasp of market dynamics, and exceptional communication abilities.

BMAC Corporation


We consider trust as a vital prerequisite for any prosperous partnership. It stands as one of our core principles, guiding us to approach every situation with the aim of creating and nurturing trust-based relationships.

BMAC Corporation


Every client holds significance in our eyes. That’s why our collaborators are committed to providing genuine respect and unwavering attention to meet the unique requirements of each customer’s real estate investment projects.