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Why Bulgaria?

Take a look at all the advantages of this attractive location.

  • Bulgaria is a member of the EU and NATO.
  • Easy reach by car (motorway) and by air.
  • Bulgaria has a stable financial policy and the lowest debt in the EU (TOP3).
  • Bulgaria is a popular world holiday destination.
  • Bulgaria has the cheapest energy (water, gas, electricity) in the EU.
  • Properties by the sea in Bulgaria are several times cheaper than in other similar locations. Apartments are currently available from 18 000 euro. They have the potential for growth and appreciation of your investment. Bulgaria will join the Eurozone on 1 January 2024 and real estate prices are thus expected to rise.
    The exchange rate is stable – since 1997 the currency has been fixed to the euro at a constant rate of 1 € = 1.95583 leva.
  • Bulgaria has beautiful beaches, good food and quality service.
  • Bulgaria has beautiful nature.
  • Bulgaria has a year-round tourism industry. It has the sea and the mountains. In summer the Bulgarian Riviera and in winter the world famous ski resort of Bansko and the resorts of Pamporovo and Borovets.
  • Bulgaria has a rich history.
  • In Bulgaria is cheap. You can live by the sea and work here all year round without any worries (very fast internet connection), or spend a pleasant retirement here.
  • The corporate and personal income tax here is only 10% (the lowest in the EU)!